Terms and Conditions

A $20 processing fee will be applied to Refunds BEFORE the registration deadline. AFTER the deadline, all refund requests will be less an additional prorated amount. Please contact Brandon for more details

Please note that payments for tournament fees are ONLY for players invited to join any of the Outlaws Teams.  Making a payment DOES NOT grant your player a place on a team;  only an Outlaws official email invitation will reserve a place in a team for your player.  If you make a payment and your player has NOT been invited to join any of the Outlaws teams,  your payment will be refunded.  You refund will be subject to a 5% transaction fee to cover processing fees.

If your player has been invited to join any of the Outlaws teams and you make a payment for another Outlaws team, you will receive a refund if your payment is more than what was required for the original team invitation or you will owe the difference from what you paid and the original team invitation.

If you have any questions or need clarification please contact Brandon for more details.