Georgia Outlaws and US Lacrosse Nationals

Outlaws Pink 2023 qualifies for 2018 US Lacrosse Nationals Tournament in Delaware


The Georgia Lady Outlaws is proud to announce the qualification of the Outlaws 2023 Pink team to the 10th annual US Lacrosse Nationals Tournament to be held in Frederica, Delaware on August 2 – 5, 2018.   The prestigious US Lacrosse Nationals Tournament is by invitation only to the teams that obtain the most points in the qualifying NXT and US Lacrosse sanctioned  tournaments.    Here is an excerpt from the US Lacrosse Nationals website:


Elsewhere in Lakewood Ranch, Fla., NXT hosted Rippin’ at the Ranch, a growing girls’ event and one of the only Florida-based qualifiers. Over 50 teams participated Rippin, including 12 teams playing in the 13U and 14U qualifying divisions trying to earn points for the US Lacrosse Nationals.

Rippin’ was a two-day tournament, allowing the champions to earn significant points on the Road to Delaware………

Meanwhile, in the 13U Division, Georgia Outlaws Pink was a comprehensive winner, beating Orange Crush (Fla.), 10-2, for the trophy. Georgia Outlaws Pink earned 130 points and now sits tied for second in the 13U qualifying standings.

The Outlaws 2023 Pink joins 15 other top teams from across the country for four days the high level competition.  Below is an excerpt from the email invitation received by the Outlaws 2023 Pink team:

Congratulations Georgia Outlaws Pink!

Based on the performance of Georgia Outlaws Pink at US Lacrosse Nationals Qualifying events throughout 2017-18, we can now be certain that Georgia Outlaws Pink has earned enough qualifying points to earn a bid to the 2018 US Lacrosse Nationals Tournament for the Girls 13U Division! Congratulations on qualifying for Nationals under this exciting new format and your invitation to register will follow in a separate email.

To review, the 10th annual US Lacrosse Nationals, powered by NXT, will bring together the top boys and girls teams from across the country for four days of high-level competition in a fun atmosphere at the DE Turf Sports Complex in Frederica, DE. For the first time this year, teams cannot simply register for Nationals, they MUST qualify by earning points at qualifying events throughout the year. Qualifications standings have been automatically updated and calculated during the year by Sports Illustrated Play’s Tourney Machine Platform. Sixteen teams will qualify in each division of play……..